Who is Lisa Hartsgrove?

R&E-22Lisa Hartsgrove is an MFA graduate from Goddard College. She is currently working on a hybrid young adult novel/book of poetry, a collaborative play with the Project Write Now team, and other writings, as a writer can never focus on just one thing at a time. She has been previously published in the Pitkin Review, the “Atlantic Highlands Herald”, Brookdale’s Collage, and the Brooklyn Art Library.

Lisa has had a passion for story-telling since she was very young. Her genres of study include coming of age, young adult, contemporary poetry, and a bit of the macabre. She is the program coordinator for and teaches at Project Write Now, and she also runs programs through the Monmouth County Park System. When she’s not writing or teaching, Lisa enjoys creating other kinds of art and spending time with her dog and two cats at home.

Photography by Kerri Sullivan