Lisa Hartsgrove is program coordinator and creative writing instructor for Project Write Now. Please follow the links below for more information, or if you’d like to register for a class, camp, or event.


PWN @ Catsbury Park

Adults, July 27, 3 to 5 p.m.

Discover the stories you really want to tell! Please join Project Write Now instructor Lisa Hartsgrove at Catsbury Park for a one-day creative writing opportunity designed for both new and seasoned writers looking for inspiration to get into the storytelling mindset. In a safe, supportive environment (with cats) and with the help of guided writing prompts and mentor texts, we motivate you to start and continue your own creative writing practice. Limited to 15 participants. $20 per person, pay at the door.*

*All proceeds benefit Catsbury Park.


Wheel of Writing

Adults, August 13, 7 to 9 p.m.

Does the blank page intimidate you? Or are you just looking for a fun night out? Tame your inner critic with a slew of timed writing prompts. Each time we “spin the prompt wheel,” we call out a new prompt for you to write in response to. If a prompt doesn’t speak to you, wait 5 minutes and another prompt is coming soon! Have fun free writing and exploring your creativity in this one-day generative workshop.



Teen Internship Program

Ages 15-18, Throughout the Summer, Training runs July 8 – 10

Our Teen Internship Program (for 15-18 year olds) provides a unique, hands-on experience in the fields of education or journalism. Our internships are designed to engage students in a field they may want to pursue after high school. Teaching Assistant Interns have the freedom to choose which camps they’d most like to work with, and The Interview Project Interns are encouraged to develop their own unique journalistic stories. Each internship offers community service hours and can be listed on resumes. No prior experience is necessary.

Teaching Assistant
Training: July 8 – 10
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

During this internship, you assist with teaching writing to groups of children in our summer programs under the supervision of one of our instructors. During the training, you learn how to design lesson plans based on what you love about writing. You are then given the opportunity to teach throughout the summer. This is an unpaid internship, but you can receive community service credit for your participation. To apply, fill out this application and send it to by June 15. Limited to 18 participants.

The Interview Project
Training: July 8 – 10
1 to 4 p.m.

During this internship, you interview and write stories about people of interest in your community―whoever intrigues you―from your neighbor to a local business owner to the mayor. Inspired by “Humans of New York,” this project has you finding and sharing stories that need to be told, ones that will touch the lives of others. During the training, we teach you essential journalism skills, such as interviewing, selecting important details, and writing a compelling narrative. The goal is to provide completed stories to give to the participants and their families. This is an unpaid internship, but you can receive community service credit for your participation. To apply, fill out this application and send it to by June 15. Limited to eight participants.


Ink It Up!

Ages 11-14, July 15 – 19, 1 to 4 p.m.

Are you ready to see where your imagination can take you? In this camp, we stencil, color, and freewrite to fun prompts—exploring the ideas that tug at us, the concepts that intrigue us, and the thoughts that stir us. Your journal becomes a vehicle for all of these thoughts, emotions, and big ideas. Then we show you how to take what’s in your journal and turn it into a story, poem, and even art photography, staging pages in creative ways to post on our Instagram account. We also collaborate, combining our best work in a sketchbook that we send off to live forever in the Brooklyn Art Library as part of its “Sketchbook Project.” We write and share to make change, and we build confidence in ourselves while doing so.


Girls Write Now

Ages 12-14, July 22 – 26, 1 to 4 p.m.

Identifying as a girl, what are some of the day-to-day challenges you face? How do you feel about social media, for example? Or drama among your peers? What about pressures in school? During this camp, we have deep discussions about what it means to be a young woman in today’s society. We explore our differences and write about them, developing and strengthening our unique voices. Using a variety of writing styles and techniques, we make sure what we want to say comes across clearly and with power. Write to make change while building confidence and making new friends you can connect with in a meaningful way.